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posted: 5/16/2013 5:00 AM

Plan B pill an important option

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This is in response to Kathleen Parker's column of May 6, "Plan B ruling is an affront to parenting."

Sorry, Parker, but the affront to parenting is not the ruling allowing Plan B on the pharmacy shelves accessible to teenagers. The affront comes with the kids having sex -- and unprotected sex at that.

As parents we try to impress upon our children the importance of responsibility, maturity, integrity, commitment, dignity and respect. We try to keep the lines of communication open. But many times it doesn't work, or doesn't work fast enough. I feel that young people, females and males, would be better off postponing sexual intercourse till marriage. Perhaps that's not realistic in this day and age -- sexual, moral and financial depravity surrounds them..

The basic morals of most churches today, including the Catholic, Muslim, Hindu and Protestant, are corrupted by their inability to see women as full human beings. It is one root cause of much of our world's evils.

It's true, I don't want my teenagers, or anyone else's, to engage in premarital sex, but I am glad that Plan B is available. Would a parent knowing a teenage daughter had sex (I can just hear them running and telling Mom) ignore the morning-after pill to prevent pregnancy? Or perhaps the parent should withhold access to it. You know, let "them" suffer the consequences of their behavior. Huh? So what is the fuss about?

Notice, too, that the uproar is about the consequences occurring to the female's body. It's time we teach morals and responsibilities to our young males. The best remedy might be to have a universal male sperm control individually reversible only by a signed binding document of knowledge, training and 21 years of responsibility by both parties and consent of the primary community.

Berna K. Gingras


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