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posted: 5/11/2013 4:40 AM

Depends on your definition of 'rich'

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Depends on your definition of 'rich'

I'd like to respond to Mr. Westlake regarding the Obamas paying their fair share of taxes. I believe the point that Mr. Simon was trying to make is that the Democrats were berating Mitt Romney for only paying a 15 percent income tax rate and yet the Obamas only paid 18 percent.

I don't know about you, Mr. Westlake, but I'm an average American paying somewhere about a 30 percent tax rate when I file my income taxes and my AGI is nowhere as high as either of these two families, and yet I am considered "rich" by the standards being thrown around by the president.

I don't begrudge anybody who works hard and knows how to take care of their dollars the opportunity to do so. I'd just like the same opportunities, but unfortunately I have to purchase health insurance and feed my family and pay the bills I incur, and now pay for the guy in the next town over who won't take a job because it doesn't pay as much as he gets on unemployment -- unlike the people who are running our government.

Joan Burger


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