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posted: 5/11/2013 5:00 AM

Give 'investors' more say in government

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Inarguably, businesses are more efficient than government. In an economy where revenues are tight, the cliché that "government needs to run more like a business" is truer than ever.

Since there is little evidence of politicians (most of whom have little or no business experience) being able to successfully incorporate a business approach to government, I propose that the business model for governance be instituted in government.

The single biggest difference between government and business is in how leaders are selected. In business, owners (shareholders, in proportion to their financial investment in the company) vote for their leaders. In government, any citizen over 18 votes for their leaders. No skin in the game required.

While some may correctly argue that citizens are "owners" of the government and should have a say in leadership, I suggest that we fine tune my proposal to weigh individual votes according to annual taxes paid.

Those with more "invested" in the government as demonstrated by their annual monetary contribution would have a proportionally higher influence in an election. This would not only encourage those currently taking advantage of 99 weeks of unemployment compensation to find employment, but it would encourage elected officials to pay more attention to investors -- much like a business.

Keith Gray


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