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posted: 5/10/2013 5:00 AM

Writer's attack on GOP unjustified

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Frank Sears' letter of April 30 demonstrates both the lengths to which liberals will go to make a point and the lack of editorial discretion shown by the Daily Herald. To correct Mr. Sears' lies, Sen. Mark Kirk has always been an advocate for same-sex marriage. That's something neither President Obama or President Clinton can claim. As Mr. Sears likely has forgotten Clinton, was the founder of DOMA, the defense of marriage act, which maintained marriage was between a man and woman. President Obama supported DOMA as well, that is, before he was against it. In case Mr. Sears has forgotten this, they were also both Domacrats. Oops, excuse me, Democrats.

Concerning the entitlement programs which Mr. Sears says Republicans are trying to eliminate, a few corrections are needed. President Bush signed into law the extension of Head Start in 2007. Medicaid is a state-run program, and as you might guess, in Illinois, like everything else, the program is broke and bankrupt, thanks to the state control by Democrats for the last 20 years. Concerning Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare (Mr. Sears' term not mine), Medicare Part D was created and signed into law by President Bush. Both Social Security and Medicare need changes (like President Obama has proposed) for it to survive. As far as Obamacare is concerned. As currently written it will add up to $2 trillion in debt and counting, as different parts actually haven't been completed and/or are not understood.

Mr. Sears' final vile comment is why do Republicans hate people? Mr. Sears need only look in the mirror to see hatred. If disagreeing and looking for a better solution is hatred, then I'd say we're all in trouble.

Richard Francke


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