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posted: 5/8/2013 5:00 AM

Racial politics seen in both right, left

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The American people can be divided into six groups. Group one likes President Obama just because of the color of his skin. Group two voted for Obama, but complains he is not going far enough to the left. Group three likes Obama's policies just the way they are. Group four voted against Obama but initially hoped he had good intentions. Group five are those who from the beginning thought Obama was a miscreant who intends to destroy the country. Group six dislikes even hates Obama because of his skin color.

People in groups four and five often describe President Obama's policies as socialistic. People in group three defend the Obama policies, calling them centrist. Group two people complain his policies are like more corporatist or otherwise, called fascistic.

President Obama is a progressive. Progressivism is a synthesis of elements of socialism, and its first cousin fascism. They have common descent from Rosseau and Voltaire. They are strong, often violent rivals but not opposites.

The people in groups one, two and three try to link those in groups four and five, with those in group six. This is Racial McCarthyism, a favorite smear tactic of the left for decades. However, if Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden were president, their policies would be at least 90 percent the same as Obama's. We would be just as strong in opposition.

Many of us in groups four and five greatly admire Justice Clarence Thomas and former Secretary Condoleezza Rice. We feel either would be a 500 percent better president than Obama. The people in groups one, two and three actually hate both of them as much as group six hates Obama. Thus, when groups one, two and three hunt for racists hiding under the bed, they should first take a look in the mirror.

John Shelton

Hoffman Estates

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