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posted: 5/7/2013 4:40 AM

Three examples of state's incompetence

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Three examples of state's incompetence

The April 24 newspaper contained three articles concerning our state government that illustrate the stunning incompetence of our legislature.

First, the Illinois Senate seriously considered an outdoor smoking ban on college campuses. Colleges could never hope to enforce such a policy, nor should they be required to try. Yes, college students might try tobacco. They might try a lot of unhealthy things. The adjustment to adulthood is fraught with experimentation, and Big Brother has no place regulating an activity that remains legal.

The second article describes pending legislation to require school districts to insure students up to $5 million for accidents, a sum far in excess of standard health insurance limits. There is no discussion as to how the schools will pay for the insurance. School district budgets are already stretched thin with unfunded mandates from the state, and here comes another one. Due to its self-inflicted budget crisis, the state is not paying school districts the money they owe, but apparently this same state is willing to impose even more financial demands on them.

Then, of course, Page 1 features the great economic catastrophe of our state: the $100 billion pension mess and the lack of any resolution. Legislators continue to ignore the greatest calamity facing our state, and instead focus on gimmick laws that make no sense.

Marty Tasch


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