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posted: 5/6/2013 9:18 AM

Next generation will fund the giveaways

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I cannot understand the people of this state and the country being duped by the con artist politicians. They make you believe that they have your best interest at heart while in reality they are picking your pocket. They promise you the moon with your money.

A good example is what Lyndon B. Johnson did with your Social Security money. The money was to be invested and accrue interest in safe, low-interest investments. If that had been done, all payments would be larger and the system would not be in trouble like it is. But he used the money for his war on poverty and created a bigger mess. But the real reason was buying votes with our money.

Then came Jimmy Carter. He started giving Social Security to immigrants who never paid in a dime into the system.

How can the system not be in trouble with all the hands in the pot? I am 85 years old. I won't have to be bothered with all the giveaway programs, but you will. The teacher pensions are another one, but I guess they got what they voted for.

Good luck. I hope you can figure out how to pay for all the giveaways.

Lawrence F. Boni


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