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posted: 5/4/2013 5:00 AM

Senate missed the boat on gun vote

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The 45 senators (aka cowards) who voted against the Manchin-Toomey bill, which would require expanded background checks for gun purchases, completely ignored the will of the American people. When are we going to stop putting the rights of the few -- to purchase deadly weapons with no questions asked -- ahead of the rights of the rest of us to live freely and safely in our society?

Expanded background checks are a reasonable and completely sane measure. The NRA argument that we need more weapons on the street to be safer completely undermines the "free" society in which we live -- there's no such thing as being free when you have to carry a gun to be safe. We are tired of the minority influence (read: NRA) controlling this issue.

Wake up, U.S. Senate. Shame on you for missing a chance to serve the people of this country in a meaningful way -- and for instead letting the NRA pull your puppet strings. We, the voters, won't forget.

Mary Fischer


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