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posted: 5/3/2013 5:00 AM

Use your vote to solve problems

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Local elections do not garner as much attention as a national one will, but a turnout of 20 percent in Des Plaines and other suburbs means that 11 voters out of 100 can decide which candidates will best serve them or their cause in the future. We can only hope that voters will want to be informed and give thought before casting their ballot.

There can be a few politicians out there with eyes primarily for their personal gain. Once elected to an office with such prestige, a pension for life, and with pork and benefits to distribute to their districts in order to guarantee re-election, 95 percent of incumbents in Congress are typically re-elected. This is regardless of the job they may be doing and despite the gridlock and lowest efficiency grade in years. It takes courage and much money for anyone to run against such power. Politics will never be an even playing field.

Many of us know about the latest music, sports figures and celebrities but choose to remain ignorant of local or national problems. We may recall cases where politicians under criminal investigation were left on the ballot and re-elected (twice). Our patriotism, ethics, hard work, initiative, honesty and fair play values are in jeopardy.

Demographics in this country are changing. Young people need guidance from interested adults. Anyone with a voter's card has a great privilege but also a responsibility to help guide our young as well as our leaders. We have been spoiled in this country with our freedom and benefits, and now we have to wake up. Otherwise, all these problems and debt are accumulating on a credit card, to be paid to China and others at a later date by our children.

William McNutt

Des Plaines

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