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posted: 5/2/2013 5:00 AM

Civility gone with rise of GOP haters

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Democrats have done a masterful job of demonizing the Republican Party. Recently a good friend quoted an ugly racist remark made by a friend of hers. "He is such a Republican," my friend said with disgust.

"I'm a Republican," I said.

"Oh, I don't mean you," she said quickly. "I know you're not a racist."

Too late. She had inadvertently exposed her anti-Republican prejudice, a prejudice created by a relentless propaganda campaign. She just assumes all Republicans are racists and vice versa. This knee-jerk reaction assumes that if you're a Republican, you hate Hispanics, Jews, black Americans, Muslims, homosexuals and poor people -- basically, any minority.

This propaganda is quite organized, not by the Democratic National Committee, of course, just by the party's faithful, but no doubt with the party's tacit approval. There are websites dedicated to hatred of Republicans. A Google search turns up The anti-Republican Crusaders, Evil GOP Bastards and Republicans Are A Disease, to name a few. Republicans fight back, of course, with similar websites, but they just don't get the traction the anti-GOP propaganda commands. They certainly don't get the support and publicity that the hate mongers on the left get from Stewart, Colbert, Leno, Letterman, and Maher -- support that they dismiss as not vicious, just humor, satire, or "just kidding."

Republicans and Democrats have never been heart friends. But there was always civility and respect. That is, until 2008. "Hope and change." That was the Democrats' rallying cry in that election year. Well, the country got change along with a Democratic president. And the Democratic haters found themselves with a new spiritual leader and my, how bold and shameless they have become.

Don Frost

Rolling Meadows

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