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posted: 4/30/2013 5:00 AM

Republicans undoing many good things

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Well, whaddya know? Republican Mark Kirk is now in favor of same-sex marriage. Imagine! The power of the vote, and a Republican congressman reacted to it. Amazing!

Next thing you know, he and his congressional cronies will be in favor of immigration reform. Could you believe it? Then, lo and behold, they'll be in favor of retaining, Head Start and food stamps and unemployment compensation and freedom of worship and even Medicaid! All hard to believe.

But I don't think they'll ever be in favor of keeping Social Security or Medicare or, perish the thought, Obamacare. That would be acknowledging the popularity and achievements of the president; you know, the one the Senate's predictor, Mitch McConnell, named a one-term president. (So much for his genius).

Those are some of the things we can see. The things we can't see, and may never know, are "Why do they hate the people so much?" Why do they try to privatize everything they could get their hands on? Why do they try to undo every social benefit the people have earned through so many battles and over so many years?

Frank Sears

Buffalo Grove

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