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posted: 4/26/2013 4:40 AM

Won't be NRA in the voting booths

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Won't be NRA in the voting booths

The seeming inability of the Senate to take action against gun violence is telling. It is a sign of the sad state of our democracy, and the power of money and the political corruption caused by its undue influence.

Even with more than 90 percent of Americans wanting universal background checks, the Senate seemed powerless before the gun lobby, its spokesman the NRA, and the weapons industry that stands behind it all. If you follow the money, it is the gun manufacturers who are supplying the lobbying money, and who are making money from weakened gun control in the United States and laws that allow gun trafficking internationally.

Thank you Illinois Senators Durbin and Kirk for votes against gun violence.

To the senators who blocked the legislation because they are beholden to the NRA and the gun makers, it is time to pause and take stock of loyalties: are they loyal to the special interest groups? or to the well-being of the American people and the lives of our children?

The will of the people must prevail on this issue, if rising generations are to have any belief that voting makes a difference. Our elected representatives have to understand that this is a turning point for our democracy.

When such an overwhelming majority want common sense gun control measures like universal background checks, limits on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, strengthened laws against gun trafficking -- members of Congress: pay attention and take heed. Be wise and remember that special interest groups are not the people who will vote in the next election. It won't be the NRA in the voting booths, it will be parents like me, who value our children's lives above guns.

Cheryl Brumbaugh-



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