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posted: 4/26/2013 4:40 AM

No fear of being treated like criminal

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No fear of being treated like criminal

When we speak of immigration reform many people view it as a Latino issue because that is what is seen on television, or because of the foreign background of others, not necessarily so. Many people of foreign tongues are subjected to substandard wages or cannot find employment due to their immigration status.

Many people are afraid to speak out for fear of deportation or other heinous issues. When some high profile employees get caught, they call their lawyers and the problem is handled. Remember the Illinois Tollway person caught sleeping on the job, three times. If he was illegal he would have been fired and sent back to his foreign country, but because he was "connected" he got his job back, twice.

Ask any female secretary if they are paid equal to what their male bosses are paid. Many poor uneducated hard working folks have to toil and accept long hours, if they have a job that pays.

Immigration reform will hopefully change things that otherwise taunt those without proper identification. Few have the wherewithal or they lack connections, legal or otherwise for a promising career due to fear of deportation. If U.S. Rep Paul Ryan and U.S. Rep Luis Gutierrez will bring some closure and offer citizens a reason for hope and prosperity, hopefully that is a good thing. A positive reason to look for a ray of sunshine will offer a safe haven and longevity for the many that fear the long arm of the law.

A multitude of foreigners embrace the United States as their home and want to live here permanently. If the reform bill brings about a positive change, then foreigners will no longer fear being treated like a criminal.

Richard J. White


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