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posted: 4/20/2013 4:36 AM

Many questions on immigration bill

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Many questions on immigration bill

Some questions on the pending immigration legislation:

1. I believe the actual number will be way more than 11 million.

2. How will we verify their date of entry and what proof will be required?

3. Do we really believe the border is secure?

4. Can you imagine the fraud to forge documents?

5. If an illegal is suddenly allowed here to stay, will they be able to bring their families as well, as it's always been said that we don't want to split families?

6. Once enacted, how badly will the flood gates open for more illegals, based on what happened in 1986?

7. Has anyone thought about the current job market, and how allowing over 11 million more to work here, how that will affect employment of current Americans?

8. Since young people graduating college are already having a tough time getting jobs, why are we allowing illegal grads?

9. Has anyone thought about there will be a wage compression with so many new people searching for jobs? Employers will be able to hire more people for less money because of competition.

10. What about Affirmative Action plans? Will illegals benefit more than current Americans?

11. Do we really believe illegals will buy insurance for health, auto, etc., when they weren't or couldn't before?

12. What about the strain on social services? Have we a plan about those without insurance using/abusing hospital emergency rooms?

13. How will we track and monitor new immigrants overstaying their visas?

14. Why the rush to grant citizenship? Why can't we just allow them to stay, without citizenship, unless they serve in military or some other useful purpose?

15. Will the illegals jump in front of the many people that were trying to enter legally?

Guy Crucil


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