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posted: 4/20/2013 7:35 PM

The Soapbox

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The Daily Herald Editorial Board

The heartland:

We may think we live at a fast pace and don't either know or care about our neighbors. Then we are reminded we still have hometowns with people who have big hearts. In Mundelein, friends are raising $50,000 to build a "Red Monster" outfield wall in honor of the late Mike Jones, a youth baseball leader. You can help at

No class, Texas:

Illinois has plenty of problems, and it certainly has to worry about losing business to other states. But for the Texas governor to come to our turf to insult the state in radio ads and woo our companies? Ugly.

Cut the cynicism:

Some sports talk radio hosts were debating whether they should bother to watch the Bulls in the NBA playoffs, since they don't figure to go far. As they said, "What's the point?" The point is they made it when many said they wouldn't, and without Derrick Rose. And young players need playoff experience. Only cynics waste opportunities.

Controlled compassion:

Urged to show "compassion" to people with severe illnesses, the state House has narrowly agreed to legalize medical marijuana. Next the measure goes to the Senate. Sponsors promise strong controls in this bill will ensure that only medically authorized individuals get prescribed pot. They better.

Slow down, you move too fast:

We've all seen hurried drivers buzz through red lights and roll through stop signs. Not a good idea, but perhaps even more so in parking lots. Please s-l-o-w d-o-w-n. It seems many are increasingly disregarding the dangers of speeding where we need to be our most diligent.

Keeping it fair:

We side with the Illinois Press Association, which backs legislation allowing citizens and the news media to recover attorney fees when prevailing in Freedom of Information Act disputes that are not determined in court. SB 1514 would fill a loophole that potentially puts a chill on transparency.

Ring them bells:

Ah, nothing says suburbia like the peal of bells on a Sunday morn. Somewhat surprisingly, there are no churches in Carol Stream that ring bells. And when Corpus Christi Catholic Church asked permission to be the first, the village discovered a law against it. On May 6 the village will consider exempting the church.

Or not to ring:

Like many churches, Corpus Christi is near homes. And there's some concern the ringing of the bells -- before Masses, daily at noon and 6 p.m., and at weddings and funerals -- might be a bit much for the neighborhood. The church is offering not to ring the bells before the 7 a.m. Mass. Let's hope village and church find a workable solution.

A 19th Circuit first:

Lake County officials quietly made local history this week when photojournalists took pictures of a courtroom proceeding. The photos were shot amid no fanfare during a sentencing hearing. It was the first time a camera operated in a 19th Judicial Circuit courtroom since the Illinois Supreme Court allowed still and video cameras in courtrooms in 2012.

His own drum:

In the U.S. Senate's failed gun control bid this week, Sen. Mark Kirk was the only Republican who favored an amendment to ban assault weapons. We say, good for him.

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