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posted: 4/11/2013 5:00 AM

President's green agenda is flawed

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The president's recent speech at Argonne labs displayed his agenda and a waste of tax dollars. Most of his green spending has gone to campaign donors who were involved in the industry. Unfortunately the president had no luck picking companies that would be successful.

His argument for chasing the green agenda is faulty. He stated that gas and oil price fluctuations would be avoided if we had green technology, but he doesn't realize that his policies created those fluctuations. He also doesn't include the idea that other countries steal or copy our intellectual property and are able to produce the technology more cheaply than we can. China already does this with solar panels.

Green technology is a good idea, but the cost right now is prohibitive and it will take decades before carbon fuels can be totally replaced. If other countries like China and India don't emphasize the green technologies, cleaning up the environment will not happen if we are the only country trying.

The president was emphatic that we take the lead in this area. The president is a leader of sorts. Every green investment he has chosen to make has produced failures like Solyndra. The president calls this investing in the future, but it will only bankrupt the country and increase tax rates.

Wayne Oras Sr.


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