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posted: 4/10/2013 4:40 AM

Right wing thwarts jobs recovery

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Right wing thwarts jobs recovery

We are starting to see the negative impact of the sequester on the economy just as President Obama correctly predicted. And, it will continue to prevent hiring and investment as the economy slows down. Forget a robust recovery. After all, the constant budget cuts have worked so well in Europe that conservatives want to adopt that approach here in the U.S.

The Republicans, as Speaker John Boehner has said, are "pretty happy" with the federal budget cuts. So, once again, the right-wingers in the GOP are, through constant filibusters in Senate (60 votes required instead of a simple majority) and refusal to bring up legislation for a vote in the House (something might actually pass), forcing drastic cuts instead of a balanced approach that would more fairly spread the pain.

When it comes time to vote in 2014 Midterm elections, just remember, the Republicans stalled the recovery via cutbacks just like the politicians in Europe. Thus, we have another demonstration that of right-wingers opposing the president instead of creating more middle-class jobs and improving the economy.

Tom Minnerick


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