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posted: 3/31/2013 4:40 AM

Leave Christianity out of gun argument

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Leave Christianity out of gun argument

Mr. Teune's letter titled "Armed society not a Christian society" missed the mark on a number of bullet points.

• His opening premise is erroneous, stating that, "The Founding Fathers of our country designed the U.S. Constitution to form a strong central government." First, it was how to balance states' rights, individual rights and the federal government that was always the issue. The Constitution was specifically designed to limit the strength of the federal government.

• He also argued that, "Remove the guns and the "bad" guys cannot kill." People are killed by means other than guns all the time. This last week the Herald reported a man was killed on a train platform by an unarmed individual in a brutal attack. Don't be surprised, for people who purpose to be, "Bad" guys, are often quite dedicated to the daily practice of killing by various means, whereas, you and I just go off to ordinary jobs each day.

• Lastly, a tenant of Christian world view is that sin has corrupted the world and every individual in it. Therefore, a Christian expects violence in a world filled with those who will not accept the self-control offered by Christ's spirit. This is precisely why the Founding Fathers anticipated the need for an armed society, because people, both citizens and government officials alike are corrupt in their hearts by sin.

Please, leave Christianity out of it. If you dream of an unarmed society, controlled by a strong central government that restricts the activities of its citizens intended for the betterment of all, then you subscribe to secular humanism.

Linda Van Dine

Carol Stream

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