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posted: 3/24/2013 4:40 AM

Armed society not a Christian society

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Armed society not a Christian society

The Founding Fathers of our country designed the U.S. Constitution to form a strong central government and to keep its citizens from fear. The Articles of Confederation, the Constitution's predecessor caused chaos and fear.

Today we have an America with many of its citizens facing fear of gun violence each and every day. Citizens in countries, in which there are strict gun control laws, do not face the same fear of gun violence as Americans do.

My investigation shows me that the U.S. has 30 gun deaths for every 1 million people in the population. Whereas, the U.K., Canada, Japan and Australia have less than one death from gun violence for every 1 million people. The difference? Whether a conservative or a liberal government, strict gun laws in these countries restrict gun ownership.

Freedom is not living in fear that you or someone in your family could be shot by a gun. Remove the guns and the "bad" guys cannot kill. It is the gun that is the instrument of death. We need strict guns laws in this country to prevent further killing.

If our Founding Fathers felt that gun ownership alleviated fear for Americans in 1791, amending the Constitution with a bill of rights, today, we can eliminate fear in our society by amending the Constitution to control the insane spread of weapons in our society. Living in an armed camp, having teachers with guns, metal detectors at court houses and carrying weapons in shopping malls, is not a characteristic of a Christian society.

Tom Teune


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