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posted: 3/24/2013 5:00 AM

We can and should cut spending

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Recently, due to the sequester, there has been a lot of news regarding where hundreds of billions are being spent by our government. Billions spent on foreign aid to countries that are not allies, billions spent on welfare for illegal aliens, billions more on federal employee travel and conferences and untold billions on overlapping programs that don't even seem to know of each others' existence.

Add in hundreds of billions in fraud made much worse when political party's market dependency programs leading up to an election cycle and the amount of money wasted is staggering. Yet we are now expected to believe that if we attempt to cut even a small amount of spending, a percentage lower then the 2 percent all working people had to absorb in their personal lives starting this year, it will cause painful results as some of the functions of government we actually depend on will be the first cut.

If we as citizens of this country fall for this farce and start demanding that cuts can't be made, then we are falling into a trap that will eventually have all of us dependent in great part on the giant bureaucratic nightmare currently under construction. The facts and figures are right in front of us; it has become clear that the administration is pushing exaggerated as well as completely false information as they continue to ignore the waste while they warn us about air travel safety, homes burning down and criminals running wild in the streets.

Americans didn't build this great country by being frightened, moronic sheep. It is time to stand up and demand some competence and honesty from our so called leadership as both are missing at a time we need them most.

Marc Thomsen

Elk Grove Village

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