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posted: 3/9/2013 4:40 AM

Founding Fathers want country back

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Visitors to Johnsburg catch glimpses of a well-crafted welcome sign depicting that village's most treasured historic icon, Saint John the Baptist Catholic church. Sadly, those unfamiliar with the community depart completely unaware of the significance of this pillar of Americana since all the crosses atop the steeples have been removed, thereby creating a quaint caricature reminiscent of your Dickens village hook and ladder firehouse. Shameful.

Precious American history, tragically no longer taught in our public schools, highlights all Jefferson/Madison writings, not just those Danbury Baptist letters purportedly establishing the oft-cited "wall of separation" between church and state. Mindless disciples of political correctness, empowered by social fiat born of judicial activism, choose to cherry-pick the Founders' genius cleverly omitting thoughts not in concert with their twisted vision of America's landscape.

Today's most heated gun rights debate serves to underscore this premise. Jefferson: "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms." Madison: "Disarm the people, that is the best way to enslave them."

For far too many decades the corrupt bludgeoning power of the PC thought police has sought to destroy the rich fabric of our great nation. Events of the last five years drive home most poignantly Madison's profound admonition, "The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted."

The T-shirt reads: "The Founding Fathers have awakened and they want their country back." Wear it proudly as you stand steadfastly opposing this destructive, progressive agenda.

William G. Parrot


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