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posted: 3/5/2013 4:40 AM

Need a starting point on gun control

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Need a starting point on gun control

What are we supposed to do with guns? It seems that whenever the topic comes up, it offends one of the political sides. If we do nothing about guns the left feel that gun shootings will soon become even more commonplace than it already is.

If we bring up the idea of restricting what kind of guns can be bought, the right feel their constitutional right is being abused.

So what are we to do? What should be done is, we should boil down to something we can all agree on.

Can we all agree that the deaths of children are bad? Yes? Great, we're getting somewhere. I think that's what needs to be remembered in all of the debates whether pro-gun or anti-gun regulation. We have to get to the very essence of a problem and figure out what it is that we can do about that problem. Can we allow gun murders to continue on their current rate? No? Then what can we do about that? Should everyone and their grandmother be allowed to purchase a weapon? No? Then what can we do about that? Can we completely get rid of guns? No? Then what can we do about that?

We have to get to a point where everyone can agree that there is a problem. I for one, think the deaths of children is where we can all agree that something needs to happen.

We just have to go from there.

Daniel Tovar

West Chicago

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