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posted: 3/5/2013 4:40 AM

Apple no help to American workers

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Apple no help to American workers

If Apple is such a great U.S. company, why doesn't President Tim Cook take the $120 billion in cash he is hoarding and use it to bring back thousands of jobs now in China back to America?

I guess Mr. Cook and the Apple management team believe it is more important to pile up a mountains of dollars than demonstrating concern for Americans looking for employment in a tough economy. Maybe as U.S. consumers continue to overpay for Apple's latest gadgets, Cook & Co. have forgotten the real meaning of patriotism? Or perhaps they don't realize China is stealing our secrets and conducting cyberwarfare against our country?

Will Mr. Cook show some concern for Americans and adopt a more patriotic approach at Apple or keep rewarding China? Maybe if China steals Apple's secrets, Mr. Cook will transfer jobs to the U.S. and demonstrate some patriotism?

Knowing that we all vote with our dollars, I won't be buying an Apple gadget to make Mr. Cook's pile of cash larger while he ignores American workers and underwrites Chinese actions detrimental to our country.

Tom Minnerick


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