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posted: 3/2/2013 4:40 AM

Schools, parents brainwashing kids

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The last two generations of Americans have been coddled by their parents and the schools have been brainwashing most of the children to think that the government will coddle them for the rest of their life. That is wrong.

Our country was founded on the basis of freedom and liberty. People from all over the world fled the stifling governments and limitations of their past countries to be free to improve their lives in the new United States of America. This was the country were one could be free and responsible for their own actions. Through the freedoms of our country these people could pursue their life's goals and ambitions for success and a better life.

The government is not a protector of your every wish without responsibility. That only happens from birth to puberty by loving parents. After that, one must make decisions and take on responsibilities for one's own actions. Thinking otherwise will only eventually lead to the road to serfdom and slavery.

The government cannot give away anything that it must first take from someone else. Eventually there will be no more someone else's. So everything in life is supposed to be self supporting from your education to your insurance to your life's goals and wants. You decide how best to run your life, for the government will only ruin your life when it tries to please everybody in false rhetoric.

When today's government says it is going to give you something that is supposedly free, that is a lie to you but beneficial to those in government that will pick your pocket to poverty. Wake up, people. There are too many people believing what the government tells them and the government spends billions to brainwash you into believing their lies.

Arne Jorgensen


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