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posted: 3/1/2013 4:40 AM

GOP blaming all but themselves

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GOP blaming all but themselves

The GOP, otherwise known as the RepublicaNO Party, has blamed everyone but themselves for the upcoming recession (after March 1st). Since they insist on allowing deep cuts to the federal government, without any consideration of revenue increases on the wealthy, or closing of tax loop holes for the wealthy, they have thought of ordinary people as the 47 percent, as takers not givers, or as moochers.

They should realize that this is a democracy. Those "poor working" people vote. The RepublicaNO Party will soon be as powerful, and as obsolete as the Whig Party of the 1850s. They have obstructed the will of the middle and working classes for decades. They will have a difficult time electing anyone to office, especially to national office, after March 1. These are the facts, if the NO Party continues to turn its back on "We The People."

Jim Chevalier


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