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posted: 2/27/2013 5:00 AM

Cook County's use tax is entirely bogus

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Has anyone else in Cook County been slapped with the Non-Retailer Use Tax?

In August 2012, I purchased a 1994 Yamaha motorcycle from a private party. I went to the Secretary of State and paid my usual license, transfer title and state tax fees. I ended up selling the bike in November 2012. The motorcycle is worth $1,500, at best.

I then received a Non-Retailer Use Tax Notice. It informed me I owe Cook County $175 for the purchase of the 19-year-old motorcycle I made in August 2012. I thought this was a joke or a scam.

Upon further research, I found out this tax was enacted in March 2012. I would like to know how Cook County justifies a tax which forces someone, regardless of age or value of the vehicle, to pay a ridiculous amount of money simply to buy a vehicle from a (non-retail) party. They want more than 10 percent of tax on a vehicle I don't even own anymore! Furthermore, why is this tax not announced to the poor sap when they go to register and title their vehicle?

I realized no one I know in Cook County has even heard of this bogus tax which clearly is biased toward retail business. Where was the coverage in the media? How did they get this tax by on the Cook County citizens?

I wrote Commissioner Tim Schneider, expressing my concerns. He wrote back informing me that he voted against this tax and that fleecing the taxpayers of Cook County for more money to fund a bloated government is wrong.

I don't see how this tax helps anyone who resides in Cook County. Enough is enough already.

I would also like to know why this tax is being enforced selectively on only some citizens and not on others. In doing a little research online, it seems some people have had this notice in the mail while some have not. I think Cook County should be held accountable for this ridiculous tax.

Jesse Szach


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