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posted: 2/22/2013 5:00 AM

Enforce the taxes we have in place

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Partisan politicians continue to rail about whether to raise taxes or cut spending, but never do they mention three specific areas that they need to consider:

1. Waste. Every day the media report wasteful spending in all branches of government. These "pork" programs are too numerous to mention. Also, do we need hundreds of czars, special committees, vice deputies and other bureaucrats? What are our legislators and their large staffs for?

2. Nontaxpayers. Many of the so-called 47 percent are legitimate; however, what about the criminals, tax cheats and "cash only" business that pay no taxes? Why is it that the tax burdens fall only on the shoulders of the honest workers and businesses that dutifully report and deduct taxes from employees' paychecks? Government must find a way to get taxes from everyone who benefits from its services.

3. Tax loopholes. It is common knowledge that all forms of businesses get tax breaks for lavish trips, entertainment and other forms of unnecessary "business expenses." This must be stopped.

We also must fully enforce taxes now in place. I believe that if these three items were improved there would be no need to increase taxes or cut necessary government programs.

Anita Kuechenberg


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