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updated: 2/22/2013 6:32 PM

Antonino Catalano: Candidate Profile

Wood Dale City Council Ward 3 (4-year Term) (Republican)

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  • Antonino Catalano, running for Wood Dale City Council Ward 3 (4-year Term)

    Antonino Catalano, running for Wood Dale City Council Ward 3 (4-year Term)




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City: Wood Dale

Website: Candidate did not respond.

Office sought: Wood Dale City Council Ward 3 (4-year Term)

Age: 54

Family: Married x 28 years; 2 children, ages 25 and 17.

Occupation: Tax specialist with State of Illinois Department of Revenue, Board of Appeals

Education: Attended Triton College from 1978-1980; studied business administration.

Civic involvement: Member of Italian American Club of Chicago, 1987-2002 Youth Soccer Coach for Itasca Park District, 1995-2001 Recipient of Service Award for work with American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) for 5 years of service Member of Maywood Sportsmen's Club, 2011-present Contributor to Amputee Coalition of America, 2012-present Member of the Streetscape and Economic Enhancement Committee of the City of Wood Dale

Elected offices held: None to date

Have you ever been arrested for or convicted of a crime? If yes, please explain: No

Candidate's Key Issues

Key Issue 1

My number one campaign issue is enhanced public safety. This includes increased police presence in and around our schools and neighborhoods as well as the development of community policing. I believe public safety is of utmost importance to maintain the quality of our community and its residents.

Key Issue 2

My number two campaign issue is to find a solution to flooding and sewer problems. This includes enhancements to our city sewage infrastructure. Again, this will improve the quality of our homes and our community. Also we need to revitalize our downtown area and business district.

Key Issue 3

My number three campaign issue is to develop programs for local businesses. This will include providing for advertising and using the associated revenue to develop programs for senior citizens and veterans in need.

Questions & Answers

What makes you the best candidate for the job?

I believe I am qualified due to my 30 years of public service experience, my long time residence in the City of Wood Dale, and because I am a strong advocate for the residents of the third ward. I have met with many of the third ward residents and was not surprised to learn that we share many of the same concerns. I would like to work for the greater good in finding and implementing some solutions to our common problems.

Given the delicate balance between the need for revenue and over-taxing local businesses, what is your opinion of your community's present level of local sales taxes? Is the tax just right, too low or too high? Explain.

With respect to taxes in general, I believe that property taxes are the main concern of the citizens of Wood Dale. While it is true that higher taxes are incurred by local businesses, these taxes are ultimately transferred to the consumers of local business products. In all, it is the citizens who suffer from all forms of higher taxes. I believe in a balance, and most importantly, that this balance is communicated to our citizens so they will feel that our leaders are doing everything possible to mitigate ongoing increases in all taxes.

Talking with your friends and neighbors, what seems to be their biggest public safety concern? Explain the concern as you see it, and discuss how you think it should be addressed.

In talking with friends and neighbors, I believe that the biggest public safety issue surrounds our aging population. The more elderly people feel an increased need for police presence in our neighborhoods as they feel vulnerable in their advanced age. The other major public safety concern involves speeding vehicles which puts everyone in danger. Increased police presence would help control excessive speeders and may ultimately negate the need for speed bumps. Speed bumps make transportation for emergency vehicles very difficult, especially when every second counts.

In these tight economic times, municipal budgets have to be prioritized. Where, if anywhere, could the current budget be trimmed, and conversely, are there areas the budget does not give enough money to?

In these tight economic times, it is encouraging that the City of Wood Dale has a surplus in its budget. That being said, I believe in careful spending - spending that is necessary in order to make long overdue improvements. We should never trim from public safety. Without this, we simply could not run a city. Additional spending must be considered for the flooding and sewer problems. It is devastating to see our homes and streets under water with the heavy rains. We can be selective in our spending with respect to capital improvement projects. While these projects are important, we can modify the extent of the improvements and even delay them as necessary to maintain a balanced budget year to year.

What's one good idea you have to better the community that no one is talking about yet?

One idea I have to better our community is to increase everyone's involvement. I strongly believe in the concept that involvement brings about positive change. I would love to see the businesses and residents of the third ward come together in a venue such as a giant picnic outing. At such an event, local business leaders can network, residents of the third ward can get to know their business leaders and support them, and everyone involved can learn what resources are "right in their own backyard." We need a true grass roots approach to community involvement and community support.