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posted: 2/10/2013 5:00 AM

Good judgment lacking in gun proposals

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Laws passed in haste with emotion rather than reason are generally bad laws.

A good example is the recent anti-gun legislation rammed into law in New York. Under this law it is a felony to have a magazine with more than seven bullets, no exceptions. The New York legislature, in its devious wisdom, decided on this seven-round limitation because no gun manufacturer currently makes seven-round magazines, rendering almost every magazine-fed gun illegal. This creates a problem for New York police who now use standard 15-round magazines and have no way to abide by the new law.

Another feature of this law is the prohibition of guns on school property, no exceptions. How are police supposed to respond to a violent shooting situation in a school without themselves breaking the law?

In Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is rushing to restrict "assault weapons," whatever they are. Yet, of the 508 shooting victims in Chicago in 2012, I bet not a single one was killed by a so-called assault weapon.

Elected political representatives don't necessarily have common sense or good judgment.

Donald Froelich

Mount Prospect

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