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posted: 2/8/2013 5:00 AM

Many reasons to define marriage the way it is

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People who advocate same-sex marriage don't have the right to redefine marriage for all of us. Marriage as the union of husband and wife isn't new; it's not taking away anyone's rights. It is common sense.

Traditional marriage and families are the backbone of our society and must be protected. This is about marriage as God ordained it. Just about every time the people have had a chance to vote, they vote to uphold the traditional definition of marriage.

If same-sex marriage is made legal, it is only a slippery slope to approve other relationships that provide love, companionship and a lifelong commitment. Examples of this would be relationships between adults and children or between blood relatives or between three or more adults. If it is arbitrary and unjust to limit the gender of one's marital partner, it is hard to explain why it would not be equally arbitrary and unjust to limit the number of marital partners.

Legalizing same-sex marriage could also harm society by having schools teach that these relationships are identical to heterosexual ones, freedom of conscience and religious liberty could be threatened and birthrates would fall.

Can the government define and defend traditional marriage or can a minority of the population successfully argue for a rewrite of thousands of years of human history? The nation we will become is at risk today because marriage is under fire. There is an unprecedented war on the family today that apparently wants to extinguish this most fundamental social unit. Our nation's spiritual health is in jeopardy. This is about defending the family. This is about marriage as God ordained it. This is what has been proven is best for all children.

Pray for the preservation of marriage and take a stand for one-man, one-woman, God-ordained marriage.

Mary Stuhr


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