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posted: 2/5/2013 5:00 AM

Same-sex marriage not harmful to society

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Our family would like to say that same-sex marriage isn't harmful to society, but that Mr. Francis' views are (Fence Post, Jan. 16). The "so-called gay marriages," as Mr. Francis referred to them, are the next step to a better future. We find that the only persons capable of harming the sanctity of a marriage are the couple themselves. The desire for a wholesome society is admirable, but it is not built upon hate and exclusion. The right for same-sex couples to openly admit love for one another is not harmful. Love doesn't undermine a society, prejudice does.

To address Mr. Francis' point about population decline, we do not feel that it is a major concern. Homosexuality is not the same as sterility. Being in a same-sex marriage doesn't remove your ability to reproduce. There are several ways for these couples to have children. Even if they choose not to, the fear of an uninhabited planet is a far-off one. The world is more densely overpopulated than ever before, with birthrates rising exponentially over the past few decades. So many children are left without caring families, and same-sex couples who wish to have children without the aid of a surrogate will find adoption a caring alternative.

We believe that homosexuality is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is beneficial to all mankind. Same-sex marriages will allow for publicly recognized love for those who have been struggling for hundreds of years, stem some of the massive overgrowth of the population, and provide loving homes to children in need.

We sincerely hope that the readers of the Fence Post will take their first step toward compassion and understanding and, therefore, toward a wholesome future for our entire race.

Steve Petersen family

Prospect Heights

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