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posted: 2/4/2013 11:54 AM

Some thoughts on the gay marriage issue

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I wish to offer a few comments on the Jan. 16 Fence Post opinion by Sheryl Jedlinski concerning "gay marriage."

Regardless of whether it is mentioned in the Bible, any rational person can recognize that people are made either male or female and that it is the union of one male and one female that allows for the procreation of the human race (extraordinary technological exceptions being exactly that). Certainly males and females are not equal in any sense other than that they both are made in the image of the Creator. Men cannot become mothers in the physical sense and women cannot become fathers. One's physiology, in the great majority of cases, determines most of one's abilities regardless of how one feels about it.

Second, our Constitution implements the idea of human rights simply because they come not from government but from a higher power. These rights to life and liberty are not dependent on gender. When the Supreme Court struck down the "concept of separate but equal," it did so without regard to race, sex, religion or where one's parents were born.

Third, I am weary of attempts by people to deny the right whereby people of faith express political opinions, especially when such opinions contradict deeply held opinions of their own. Nowhere in our Constitution is there mention of "separation between church and state." All of us have the right to speak freely and publicly. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion without state interference as well as freedom of speech.

Finally, when the fiscal condition of Illinois is so deplorable, why is the issue of "gay marriage" being used to complicate a solution to the fact that we have allowed our elected officials to spend more money than they take from us in taxes?

Charles E. Glomski

Elk Grove Village

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