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posted: 2/3/2013 5:00 AM

Obama overusing executive orders

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Obama overusing executive orders

I have become increasingly concerned about President Obama's use of executive orders. On Jan. 3, the Baltimore Sun printed an article written by Correale F. Stevens, a judge on the Pennsylvania Superior Court: "A democracy might not always be efficient. But the process must be open for discussion, public input, challenge and compromise. A president 'by the stroke of a pen' bypassing the duly elected House and Senate members becomes a dictator, a king. To have a chief executive bypass Congress by executive order goes against our history as a democratic country and makes a mockery of all the veterans who sacrificed their lives to protect our democratic form of government."

I think Judge Stevens said it very well. All of us must pay attention or our freedom will be greatly diminished.

Fritz Alexander

Prospect Heights

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