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posted: 1/31/2013 4:40 AM

Time to celebrate our commonalities

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Time to celebrate our commonalities

Perhaps I am not the only one out there that has noticed a need for politicians, whether they are from either side of the aisle to use new words. In our current political arena, rarely do I hear and read such words as integrity, determination, resiliency, hard work, ethics and honesty. Frequently we, as well as our children, hear words such as victimization, political correctness, power, volatility and the wonderful word of debt.

There are situations that are right and wrong and things that are good and bad. Maybe there needs to be a renaissance of American values. We as a country are experts at celebrating our diversity, pointing out our differences; but how about a move in this country to unify our diversity -- to talk about things that we all have in common.

It seems to me, that one thing we do have, is a sense of entitlement to say and do whatever we think is right, no matter how wrong it may be or divisive. As it has been said in our country, "money is what makes the world go around," but an America standing behind money, without the recognition of what it took to earn that money is, for want of a better term, un-American.

Andy Isaacson

Villa Park

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