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posted: 1/31/2013 4:40 AM

Stand on principles, Mr. Boehner

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Stand on principles, Mr. Boehner

Dear John Boehner: My demographic profile is so freakish it should simultaneously lift your heart, and worry you. I am a naturalized citizen, an Asian-American, a union member, and a federal employee. I should be allied with the Democrats.

But because I believe in moral standards, and therefore condemn abortion and homosexual marriage, and because I can count and therefore abhor deficit spending, I am conservative, and therefore vote Republican. If you lose me, you will have lost the firmest part of your base. So listen.

Don't compromise our values; don't cut deals with Obama; do not yield an inch of political ground. If we lose, let us go down fighting, defeated but righteous. If the left wins, America will continue its cultural and economic decline until it meets with impoverishment, impotence and humiliation. That is a fate worse than the grimmest Republican electoral loss, in any case. If our party upholds its principles, and since those principles are grounded in truth, we may yet sway a few more folks to vote our way. But if you play along with Obama, I shall say "sayonara" to you.

I am prepared to see cuts in government services and benefits, the more draconian the better. I prefer temporary economic disruption to certain economic collapse. I will relish the media outcry over our collective plunge into the fiscal abyss. Unlike your House, mine carries no debt. I have gold and silver on the side, to exchange for bread and water, if it comes to it.

I have a dream -- that the day will come when illegals no longer infest our land; when unborn babies are treated more kindly than stray animals; when the government limits itself to building roads, and leaves the promising of paradise to the clergy.

John, just say "No."

Alexander Lee

West Chicago

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