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posted: 1/29/2013 4:40 AM

In support of concealed carry

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In support of concealed carry

A criminal armed with a gun, intent on doing harm to others does so with confidence in Illinois. Unless they cross paths with an off-duty law enforcement officer, criminals in this state know law-abiding citizens lack the ability to defend themselves and their families while out in public.

Unlike other states that allow their law-abiding citizens to carry concealed, Illinois wants to keep its head buried in the sand. Statistics kept by the FBI have shown that when a state allows residents to carry concealed, violent crime is reduced. Turns out violent criminals are less confident in the states that allow residents to take responsibility for the defense of themselves and their families. I have also heard that in these states people are more polite and civil to one another, but that's just a rumor.

For a person to qualify for a carry concealed permit they are required to have a history of being law-abiding. They must undergo an in-depth background check to show never having been arrested on charges of a violent crime or convicted of a felony. Statistics also show that when a person has a carry concealed permit, they become even more law-abiding because they do not want to risk losing their permit. Of the states that allow concealed carry there has been no return to the "Old West" days of shootouts in the streets. Crime has gone down, not up.

Finally, for those who do not favor concealed carry, that's fine, nobody is telling you that you need to carry a gun. But who are you to say that a law-abiding individual who is willing to take responsibility for the safety of themselves and their family shouldn't have that right?

John Verstat


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