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updated: 2/4/2013 9:35 AM

Say no to same-sex 'marriage'

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Soon the representatives we elected will vote on the most important issue of our time, to change the marriage of our ancestors after 5,000 years of family success. All the collective wisdom of human history, biology, human anatomy and logic shows that traditional marriage as given by Almighty God is best for family and children. Suddenly we have a group of "enlightened" politicians in Springfield who know what is best for the families and children of Illinois than the very God who created them.

When we allow homosexual "marriage" we create a same-sex family and by law deny children a father or mother. Research is consistently clear that a child always does better in families with both. In Massachusetts, once homosexual "marriage" was law, gay teachers announced to students that they would soon "marry" their sex partner. In Brookline, Mass., a teacher on NPR said, "now that its legal, I can discuss gay sex as explicitly as I choose to my students."

David Parker asked that his son in second grade be opted out when homosexuality and transgenderism was discussed. He was arrested and imprisoned overnight when he refused to leave. The Rob Wirthlin family complained when their second-grade son was read a book "King and King" about two men who "married" each other. They too were unable to opt out their son.

Is this what we want our politicians to force on us? The true agenda of gay "marriage," portraying the homosexual lifestyle as normal to our children, no matter the parents' beliefs, is not acceptable in Illinois. Call your representatives and tell them no on homosexual "marriage." Our families and children are too important not to.

Jim Finnegan


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