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posted: 1/26/2013 5:00 AM

Gay-rights movement goes too far

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It seems that in my latter lifetime many of the so called "movements" in our country were started by minority groups with loud voices and sometimes legitimate reason. For instance the civil rights movement, which was justified by the Judeo-Christian principles on which our country's laws were founded, and is supported by a majority in our nation.

I have a problem, however, with the gay rights movement, which consists of a small minority of the population, but with loud voices. I have known people who are gay and have worked or socialized with them respectfully and on an equal basis. I have no problem with anyone's personal practices as long as it is kept in their habitat. The rub comes when they try to publicly and vigorously promote a lifestyle that is contrary to an institution called "marriage," traditionally between a man and woman that is in keeping with Mother Nature and has sustained families and population growth for thousands of years.

Traditional marriage is the accepted norm and belief of the majority in our country. If this fact is contested, lets decide the issue by referendum vote. We go out of our way to respect and not offend our fellow human beings, gay people included. However, I personally am offended by their tactics in the public domain. I don't want to hear about an "alternative lifestyle," and I object that it is being pushed as a study course in our schools. I don't want to hear people identify themselves as being gay. It's none of my business and I am offended that they try to make it my business.

In the final analysis, is majority rule still the norm in this country, and who is offending whom?

Don Cavi

Rolling Meadows

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