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posted: 1/20/2013 4:40 AM

Reject NRA's 'blood money'

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Reject NRA's 'blood money'

I hope that those reading this letter heard the spokesman for the NRA arrogantly predict that nothing would pass of the measures the president advances to Congress to rein in the blatant multiplication of guns and more powerful guns. Left unsaid was what the NRA did to reach this surety. Undoubtedly campaign "contributions" was and is one of their methods.

This reminds me of another individual who compromised the trust placed in him for personal gain. When he saw the consequences of his betrayal, he tried to return the money. His attempts were rejected as those who had paid him considered the monies he had received as "blood money" and wanted no part of it. Judas, despairing over the enormity of his actions, hung himself in desperation.

I only ask that all lawmakers, in federal and state offices who have received and continue to receive the NRA's blood money, consider the needs of their constituencies, reject this blood money and vote for enlightened control of guns and their owners and the outright elimination of those guns that exceed the legitimate needs of sportsmen. It is incumbent on all of us who feel betrayed by the cult of the gun to facilitate this change by telling these officials that we support them with our votes if they reject the NRA, and if they fail to reject the NRA partisans and their favors, we will search for and support their replacement in the next election.

Raymond Bellock

Sleepy Hollow

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