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posted: 1/20/2013 4:40 AM

No need to step on 2nd Amendment

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No need to step on 2nd Amendment

Once again, after a horrible school massacre, the gun-grabbers are out in force, beating breasts decrying the horrible weapons that kill people, while they themselves are protected by armed security. What they don't want you to know is that an FBI report indicated more people were killed by hammers and clubs than rifles between 2005-2011 by nearly 2 to 1. The report also stated that more people were killed by hands or fists than rifles during the same period. So, when the gun-grabbers come for your weapons, you had better also give them your hammers, clubs, bats and literally, your arms.

A few suggestions;

Do not publish the name of people who commit school massacres, they are looking for attention. If they know that no one will ever know their names, it may deter them. In the news, refer to them with generic terms such as "pathetic loser" or "malfunctioning subhuman."

Tack on an additional mandatory sentence of 10 years with no parole for any crime committed with a gun. Make it unappealing to use a gun in a crime.

Go after the illegal gun trade. Most shootings involve illegally obtained weapons, reduce or eliminate it.

Unshackle the police and let them do their job; go after the gangs, without fear of being sued by the ACLU and other whiners. Send SWAT teams into gang strongholds and take care of business. Explain that being in a gang is not a good idea and detrimental to their health.

The knee-jerk appearance of "doing something" by stepping on the Second Amendment accomplishes nothing. It would have little, if any, affect on reducing violence. Taking guns from law-abiding citizens removes their ability to defend themselves from the criminals with illegal guns.

Terry Tallian

Wood Dale

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