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posted: 1/16/2013 4:40 AM

What will the left want to debate next?

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What will the left want to debate next?

When people on the right want to bring the abortion issue up it is generally met with remarks from liberals such as "it's settled law," yet after numerous times in front of the Supreme Court, and 237 years of history the left seems to think debating the right to bear arms as something we should rethink.

What will they want to debate next? The right to free speech maybe? The right to life maybe? The right to liberty maybe? Or maybe the right to pursue happiness? All of which have been and are under attack from liberals today. Rush Limbaugh. The fairness doctrine, Life? Obamacare is taking care of that, Liberty? They locked up a nobody filmmaker and accused him of the Benghazi disaster, and pursuit of happiness, Obama has already said you didn't build that, other people are responsible for your success laying the groundwork for taking from those who work for it and giving it to those that don't.

The Constitution was written to to create and maintain a strong country, and the writers looked to history to do that, It should not be taken so lightly.

Martin J. Uttich

Carol Stream

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