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posted: 1/15/2013 4:50 AM

Weapons in wrong hands catastrophic

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Weapons in wrong hands catastrophic

Is President Obama trying to turn "Sandy Hook into a rallying cry for disarming the nation?" Is this "a big government power grab," as Marvin A. Schulgen opined in his letter of Dec. 27? Of course not. I think rational people know that weapons and ammunition in the hands of the wrong people can be catastrophic.

I have no problem with guns and ammunition in the hands of law enforcement officers and trained hunters. My son, who hunts, recently purchased ammunition on the Internet. I don't object to that; he is a responsible adult and has been properly trained. However, it was far too easy for him to do so. It should be strictly regulated and if that is big government, hurrah!

I think letting the NRA lobby in Washington continue to impose its careless agenda on our politicians is what is a "power grab." Allowing gun and ammunition manufacturers to try to control our laws is also a "power grab." Shouldn't the rights and safety of innocent people outweigh the agenda of the NRA and greedy corporations?

What caused Adam Lanza's behavior that day? Was it a video game as the NRA suggests? Kids in Australia play the same violent video games. Grand Theft Auto was created by a British company; the UK had 58 gun murders last year in a nation of 63 million people. People in Japan watch the same violent movies. But people in other countries simply don't kill each other at the rate we do. Why is that? What is influencing such violent behavior in the U. S.? Could it be racism, fear, inequality, intolerance, me-ism, the every man for himself attitude, our feelings of superiority?

Our New Year's resolution should be to pray for all those affected by crime, poverty, racism, inequality and intolerance.

C.J. Truesdale


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