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posted: 1/10/2013 4:15 AM

What behavior is really unnatural?

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What behavior is really unnatural?

Cardinal Francis George recently voiced his opposition to the enactment of laws authorizing same-sex marriage. He opposes such legislation because he states that same sex-marriage violates natural law inasmuch as it is contrary to nature for two members of the same sex to have a physical relationship with each other.

I have a problem with the Cardinal's statement because he and the Catholic hierarchy also advocate and insist upon certain unnatural behavior. In no uncertain terms they prohibit Catholic clergy from marrying, and they insist their clergy must remain totally celibate.

But is not this advocating a view that is contrary to human nature? Men and women are born with a natural attraction to members of the opposite sex, and by virtue of their nature they have a strong urge to have physical relations with members of the opposite sex.

Yet Cardinal George tells us the Catholic clergy must absolutely resist such natural urges, and is he thus not advocating conduct that is contrary to our nature? Accordingly let him refrain from condemning same-sex marriage, even though he feels that it too is unnatural.

My own position is that if two human beings of the same sex meet, come to like each other, fall in love and become committed to each to her, and wish to formalize their relationship through the ceremony of marriage, then let us approve this by legally authorizing same-sex marriage. Their respective genders are totally irrelevant on this question, as I see it.

Theodore M. Utchen


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