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posted: 1/4/2013 4:40 AM

Creationism needs less critical thinking

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Creationism needs

less critical thinking

I'm writing in response to P.J. Bertrand's letter in the Dec. 25 paper, specifically the comment that creationism is "much easier to believe than evolution," which particularly struck me.

Now, obviously he/she doesn't mean that there is more evidence for creationism than evolution since there is such a plethora of evidence for evolution that even the Pope has caved in and stated that believing in evolution is OK as long as you concede that at some point humans were given souls by God.

So I have to assume that he/she meant that creationism is a simpler explanation that requires less critical thinking. like saying LED televisions work because they are magic and "easier" than learning about light emitting diodes, electromagnetism and the binary code of digital signals.

If I were a religious person I might tell P.J. to stop speaking for me because he/she is making you look bad.

Nolan Green


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