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posted: 12/21/2012 5:00 AM

Stun guns best immediate answer

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Our nation is searching for answers for better protection for our children. School guards, indoor and/or outdoor, cannot be everywhere at once. Security screeners as they have in airports are a cumbersome improvement but still a help, but windows can be broken anywhere on the premises and entry gained. Lethal guns in the hands of every person on the school staff is not the answer.

What would immediately work in every school in America is a Taser or stun gun in the possession of every adult working in a school who would have proper training in using it and would keep it in an accessible but secure spot in the classroom, office or shop area. A locked drawer, a small container needing a password, a file cabinet, or a very high shelf are all possible places a stun gun could be retrieved quickly at first warning.

Being armed with something that could disable a shooter long enough to grab or kick away weapons is infinitely better than nothing. To review the catastrophe that just happened in Connecticut, think about how this outcome could have been stopped at any point if a stun gun would have been in the hands of the adults. At least there would have been a chance.

Regarding gun control, the only most effective way for a permanent fix is to repeal the Second Amendment. Since that may take some time, as a deterrent in the interim, long-term jail time should be imposed (up to 10 years or more) for disobeying any existing gun laws.

Marilyn Furer

Mount Prospect

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