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posted: 12/14/2012 5:00 AM

Private, not government, help for hurricane victims

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Hurricane Sandy was an awful catastrophe that affected thousands of people. Not all of the people were citizens, and I have qualms about that.

Immigrants should be able to come to America. Although our economy is in the hole, there are a myriad opportunities for every person of every background. Those that come here legally should be able to participate in the wealth of our country, giving and taking toward the economy and society. That being said, the illegal immigrants that came here by dishonest means should not be able to take advantage of the government-funded agencies.

For the government to openly provide help to those that are breaking the law is promoting lawlessness which contributes to the degeneration of a functional country.

However, I'm then very grateful toward the private nonprofit organizations that are willing to help the immigrants that can't find refuge elsewhere. The storm hurt so many people, and this is a time where Americans should gather together to help for the common purpose of uplifting those in need. This is a time where Americans can demonstrate their respect for humanity by helping their peers and the common man.

Although the immigrants are operating under illegal means, we recognize that mercy is as necessary as justice. Therefore, a grace period should exist as the East Coast undergoes this recovery period.

Although the government should not be providing aid to illegals, they should not deport them as many have lost everything. Soon enough, the ICE needs to crack down on checking for visas and green cards, but for now, the immigrants should have a chance to resettle and figure out their options, just as the rest of the citizens affected by the storm are having to do.

Madi Martin


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