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posted: 12/13/2012 4:43 AM

Can we agree this is election mandate?

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Can we agree this is election mandate?

A few things I took from the last election.

1. The American majority wants Medicare and Social Security to continue in its current form.

2. The American majority wants the Bush tax cuts to continue for those with income under $250,000. With the Clinton rates being applied to those over $250,000.

3. The American majority wants us out of Afghanistan as soon as possible.

4. The American majority is OK with us proceeding with an "unbalanced" budget and federal borrowing.

5. The American majority does not believe that lowering marginal tax rates will increase tax revenue to fund items 1-4 (trickle-down).

Whether these items are right or wrong will be argued in the future. The electorate has spoken, now we must pay for them.

Yes there will be more taxes. I believe that the Medicare payroll deduction should be increased as long as the payroll tax "holiday" is continued.

Can we agree that this, right or wrong, is what the election results are saying?

Patrick Cleary


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