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posted: 12/13/2012 5:00 AM

Driver's license proposal unfair

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Giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants is like giving up and saying, "OK, you win in the battle against illegal immigration." I mean, how are you going to know who they really are? So is somebody going to say, "I'm Joe Blow and I've been living here 20 years illegally, give me my drivers license?" Isn't that how terrorists got on the planes and flew them into the twin towers? They had driver's licenses. The proposal would just make it easier for illegals who might want to do us harm easier to succeed.

Anyone who thinks 250,000 illegals will suddenly pop up and buy auto insurance and be good citizens is dreaming. What don't they understand about the definition of illegal aliens?

I understand wanting to help the children of illegals who were brought here at a very young age, and this is the only country they know, and most of them respect our laws. But the idea of giving driver's license to illegals is just the first step to granting them citizenship.

Tom Ploski

Mount Prospect

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