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posted: 12/11/2012 4:05 AM

Another explanation for Fast and Furious

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Another explanation for Fast and Furious

I had heard the fairy tale equating Operation Fast and Furious to President Obama's supposed efforts to undermine the Second Amendment long before Mr. Vanne's Nov. 30 letter.

I'd always considered this a harmless story the folks at Fox News used to amuse the children at bedtime but now that this myth has been published in the Daily Herald, I think it might be wise to point out that Operation Fast and Furious originated in 2006 under the Bush administrations Department of Justice as Operation Gun Runner. Once we have this fact in our possession we are faced with two possibilities.

The first possibility: In 2006 then Senator Obama called President Bush and informed him that he was certain that he would defeat Hillary Clinton in the primary and then go on to defeat the Republican nominee in the general election. This would, of course, seem perfectly reasonable to President Bush considering that Mrs. Clinton was the presumptive nominee at the time and polls showed Republicans at the height of their popularity. Senator Obama would then presumably have laid out his plan to defang the Second Amendment and ask the President to help in this effort. As a conservative Republican from a southern state President Bush would of course be willing to help in this effort and instructed his Justice Department to lay the plans for Operation Gun Runner. Senator Obama would then, upon his election, continue this effort as Operation Fast and Furious thus destroying all faith in the Second Amendment.

The second possibility is that Mr. Vanne is mistaken.

Pete Null

Glendale Heights

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