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posted: 12/7/2012 5:00 AM

Lawmakers don't understand 'illegal'

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I can't believe what I have just read (Daily Herald, Nov. 29.) Two Arlington Heights Catholic leaders were at the Illinois Capitol urging state lawmakers to allow illegal immigrants to receive driver's licenses. Are you kidding me? What part of "Illegal" don't you understand?

Maybe we should all go out and commit a crime tonight. It's illegal, but lawmakers can look the other way. The same way they will with illegal immigrants who are arrested on charges of not having a license. That's because it's illegal. And their reasoning is even more disturbing. Because they see the families of undocumented immigrants at local jails and split up because the offenders' actions lead to deportation.

Good! It's illegal to be in this country without proper documentation. Don't kid yourselves, giving undocumented immigrants driver's licenses will not by any means make them better drivers or make sure they have insurance.

Teenagers hoping to obtain their drivers license today must book over 50 hours of driving time with their parents. Will this be a requirement for undocumented immigrants? You can bet it won't.

Driving is a privilege, as is American citizenship. They need to be earned not just given.

Leave it to the Democrats, especially Gov. Quinn, to see this as an opportunity to gain more votes from the Latino population. It's the major reason Bill Brady didn't defeat him in 2010.

So I guess the major question here is, are Illinois driver's licenses going to be given away like welfare, Link cards, and Section 8 housing?

Thomas Herring

Fox Lake,

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